Commercial Roof Replacement

To prevent costly business interruptions, we can help you with roof replacement to maintain your building’s integrity.

At Sky City Roofing we address your entire roof system, sometimes the membrane or shingles are not the only materials requiring replacement. Our experienced roofers will inspect for rotting wood, missing flashing, wet insulation, poor ventilation, and whatever surprises we may find. We replace or repair these materials so that your roof will withstand the harsh Winnipeg weather.

The vast majority of businesses have a flat roofing system, we offer:
• Hot Asphalt (tar & gravel) built-up roofing (BUR)
• Heat welded SBS (modified bitumen) roofing membranes (torch-on)
• Flameless SBS (modified bitumen) roofing membranes
• Slope roofing insulations to repair drainage issues on your roof
• EPDM and TPO roofing membranes

These membranes act as a seal against the elements and are incredibly effective at preventing water and moisture build-up on a flat roof. The replacement or addition of roof insulation can add or maintain R-value, and sloped insulation can increase drainage.

We are happy to provide you with an assessment to determine the best option for your roof.


Warranty Information

We offer a 5-year RCAM warranty on all our commercial flat roof work. Materials warranties are provided per manufacturer. Click on the logos below for more information on the warranties available for each brand.

Soprema Warranties

IKO Warranties

Firestone Warranties

“Sky City Roofing met all our safety and timeline requirements, also we always had a quick response before and after the project.”

Sky City Roofing Qualifications

You can rest easy knowing that Sky City Roofing offers the very best workmanship because we are committed to maintaining the highest quality and safety standards for our clients. To do that, we continually invest in our team and provide ongoing safety training and annual manufacturer recertification so that we can provide you with the very best roofing services.

How Does This Benefit You?

That means our roofers are certified as Certainteed Master Shingle Applicators. And each member of our commercial roofing installation team is both certified by IKO Commercial, Soprema and Firestone as well as trained in-house by our expert journeymen and foremen.


Roofing Tips

There are some features of commercial roofing systems that can leave your roof vulnerable, such as pitch pans, flashing, wiring, pipes, plumbing vents, or areas with sealant. Check for signs of damage to keep your roof well cared for.

  • The roof feels soft under foot
  • Asphalt is exposed to UV
  • Buckles and blisters of the membrane
  • Loose or damaged flashing
  • Degranulation of the SBS torch on membrane
  • Sagging membranes on the vertical projections
  • Ceiling tiles are water-stained
  • Water stains or colour fading is visible on walls
  • Cracks or raised areas on walls
  • Mould
  • Leaking from around window frames